With or without parental consent, you must be 18 and older.
Please click on Booking or Team, then under your preferred artist click on BOOK APPOINTMENT to fill out the inquiry form. This will ask all the info we will need to get started with you.
For same day appointments, contact our studio by emailing us at hello@maunderstudio.com or DM us on our IG studio page @maunderstudio to see if there is an artist available.
Otherwise, it is appointments only.
This depends on the artist, intricacy and size of the design you chose. Availability can range from as soon as within the same week to within a month. Just check with our artists directly or you can email us at hello@maunderstudio.com
Unfortunately, we cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
There is no swimming and you cannot expose your tattoo in the sun or tanning beds for around 8 weeks until it is fully healed.
Depending on the individual artists. Please contact them directly.
Bring any artwork/photographs as a reference you want to show your artist and photo(s) of placement(s) if you like. Unsure about little details? No worries, we can help you with the rest during the consultation too.
Unfortunately, we do not allow clients to bring guests to their appointment because we are limiting the amount of people during this time.
Recommendations prior to your appointment:
• Eat a healthy meal and hydrate prior to your appointment
• You can bring snacks (such as protein bars/sandwich)
• Bring a water bottle
• Avoid long sun exposure 2 weeks prior to appointment
• You can moisturize your skin, just not 24 hours before your tattoo appointment
• If you possible, using a lufa to exfoliate your skin the night before your appointment will help with ink depositing
• Do not consume any alcohol or drugs 24-48 hours before your appointment
• Do not take any blood thinners, steroids, antibiotics or numbing agent
• Showering before your appointment (with clean/exfoliated skin can help)
• Wear comfortable/loose clothing that will expose the area easily where you are getting tattooed and also to cover the area after the appointment
Yes, deposits are made through e-transfer and is required to proceed with booking, this will secure your date and time. It is non-refundable and the deposit amount varies by artist, design and/or size. The deposit will deducted from your finished tattoo
It varies by each artist, intricacy of the design, size, and placement. The tattoo may be quoted or charged hourly.
Deposits are made through etransfers, unless otherwise specified. Remainder is cash or etransfers (this depends on the artist, there will be instructions in the confirmation email)
Depending on the individuals existing tattoo, we may be able to perform the cover up.
We may advise laser removal if your tattoo is too dark for the design to cover. Please inquire through the Contact Us or DM the studio @maunderstudio if it will be possible with your tattoo!
Depending on how the scar has healed and how flat it is. There is no guarantee how perfectly it can cover, but it can be obscured. We recommend you getting your scar checked by your doctor/dermatologist beforehand to let us know you got the ok for your scar to be tattooed over.
Everyone pain tolerance varies, but:
• inner bicep
• ribs
• hand
• fingers
• foot
• palm
• calf
• lower part of the ankle
• elbow ditch
are the most painful areas.
Prolonged tattooing or going over the same lines can be a bit more painful or sore as well.
Anesthetic cream can alter your skin and interfere with stencilling and the tattooing process.
When the scab and dry skin has officially flaked off and smooth skin has surfaced, usually it takes about 6-8 weeks. It will start to look like it is healed by week 3, but please do not scrub the area or pick at the scabs.
You cannot submerge your tattoo by swimming or soaking it in a bathtub
because it can cause an infection until it is fully healed.
Sunbathing is not recommended during healing process. To continue to look after your tattoo, apply at least a 30SPF sunblock to prevent from fading.